e-skin is the next generation smart shirt enabling new motion and gesture tracking experiences from virtual reality games to personalized fitness and healthcare.
e-skin’s 14 strain gauges are essentially hidden on the outer surface and well insulated against perspiration, thus e-skin works well in wetting environment.

Users can transmit the motion data to smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC through a device placed on the chest.
The device which is called “e-skin Hub” equips a battery, a Bluetooth module, and additional sensors.
The sensor in the Hub are 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro sensor.
They help to detect user’s posture and body orientation.

The e-skin software development kit (SDK) supports application development on both Windows and Android devices using the Unity game development engine.
Developer’s kit also includes sample APIs for common movements and gestures like running, jumping, punching, and so on.